How to clean stainless steel

How to clean AISI 304 stainless steel

Cleaning steel is a notoriously delicate operation, especially in the kitchen: while guaranteeing maximum hygiene and resistance to corrosion, this material requires special attention to avoid stains and marks caused by water. But it’s possible to clean stainless steel effectively so that it keeps its characteristic shine, either by carrying out specific cleaning actions or by using products which are suitable for this type of material.

For perfect maintenance of Barazza products, made of AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel, we recommend:

  • After use, rinse well with water and dry with a clean cloth or buckskin.
  • Use any normal detergent, as long as it does not contain chlorine or its compounds (such as bleach and muriatic acid).
  • Only for persistent stains should a little warm white vinegar be used.
  • Do not use steel wool pads or other abrasive materials which will definitely scratch the steel surface.
  • Do not drag objects across the worktop, but use cutting boards and heat-resistant mats during normal kitchen operations.
  • Avoid placing hot pans, ovens and stoves on the worktop, as they can cause deformation and yellowing.
  • Do not leave rusty iron objects on the surface for a long time.
  • Do not leave open containers and bottles of detergents or other chemicals near the product.
  • Barazza’s Multi Clean detergent and Easy Clean antibacterial microfibre cloth with a degreasing and absorbent effect can be used daily.
  • Periodically, or when necessary, we recommend the use of Easy Clean, the professional cream created by Barazza which cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel.


When cleaning the teppanyaki griddle, it is advisable to clean it while it is still at a temperature of around 50-60 °C, so that food residues can be easily removed.

If the hotplate is cold, turn the thermostat knob to 50-60°C. If it’s still too hot, wait for it to cool down. In the latter case, in order to find out what temperature the hotplate is actually at, you’ll have to turn the thermostat knob until the pilot light comes on and read the temperature shown on the screen, then turn the knob back to the “0 – Off” position. We recommend removing the larger residues from the hotplate using a spatula (and choosing utensils with rounded edges so as to not scratch the plate), wetting the hotplate with a little water and dishwashing detergent or vinegar and leaving them to act for a few minutes to allow the crust to dissolve; in terms of detergents, it’s essential to only use them if they are free of abrasive components and avoid products which are too acidic.
Then wipe off any residue from the hotplate with a kitchen cloth and water with detergent or vinegar. Rinse the hotplate several times with a cloth moistened with water and dry it carefully.

Remember that some proteins and acids can stain the hotplate: our advice is to avoid prolonged contact of the hotplate with these substances.

If the plate is slightly stained, treat the stains with commercial citric acid.

To clean the hotplate between cooking sessions, simply use a spatula to remove the larger residues and put ice cubes and lemon juice on the hotplate. The ice cubes will melt and soften the deposits, while the lemon will remove the smells of previously cooked food. Once this has been done, remove everything with the spatula.

The knobs must not be removed from the pin they’re mounted on: to clean them, we recommend using a soft cloth soaked in a small amount of neutral detergent (for instructions on how to use it, follow the manufacturer’s instructions), making sure that no detergent gets under the knob. After cleaning the knob, make sure that you haven’t accidentally moved it from the “0 – Off” position.

How to clean AISI 304 stainless steel




Easy Clean is a creamy cleaner designed exclusively for cleaning sinks, hobs, hoods, ovens and stainless-steel surfaces. Environmentally friendly and Made in Italy, it’s made of top-quality raw materials, full of polishing pigments and healing substances, and respects stainless steel by effortlessly removing limescale deposits and grease stains. It also gives a new shine to surfaces, as well as protection which delays re-misting and dirt depositing.

Easy Clean Cleaning Cream



Barazza’s Multi Clean professional detergent, which is scented and suitable for daily cleaning, quickly removes dirt from all washable hard surfaces. This environmentally friendly formula can be used pure or diluted in water as required.

Multi Clean Professional Multipurpose Detergent 



Barazza’s Easy Clean professional microfibre cloth, thanks to its degreasing and absorbent action, cleans and sanitises all surfaces in a single wipe without the need to use detergents. This innovative and antibacterial tested product is characterised by its exceptional softness and long-lasting effectiveness, making it an indispensable aid for everyday cleaning.

Easy Clean Microfibre Cloth



The new, practical and innovative Professional Cleaning Box offered by Barazza contains: 

  • the Easy Clean 150 g professional cleaning cream for cleaning stainless steel;
  • the Multi Clean 200 ml professional multi-purpose cleaner;
  • the Easy Clean professional antibacterial microfibre cloth to ensure thorough and effective cleaning of the entire kitchen environment.

Professional Cleaning Box


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