How to clean stainless steel

How to clean AISI 304 stainless steel

Stainless steel cleaning is known to be a delicate operation, especially in the kitchen: the stainless steel ensures the maximum hygiene and corrosion resistance but requires special care because of halos and stains that may have formed on its surface by the action of water.

Cleaning the stainless steel in an effective manner is possible by following a few simple recommendations.

Barazza products are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, rich in chromium and nickel, which give steel its anti-corrosive properties and are guaranteed thanks to the attentive and exact controls through the production cycle.

Barazza recommendations on how to clean stainless steel:

• To rinse well with water after use and to dry with a clean cloth or a chamois leather cloth.
• To use any normal detergent as long as it doesn’t contain chlorine or its by-products, as muriatic acid or bleach.
• To use a little warm white vinegar, only for persistent stains.
• Not to use steel wool or abrasive materials which could irreparably scratch the steel surface.
• Not to drag hot pots on the top. To use chopping boards, potholders and mats while working in the kitchen.
• Not to place hot pots and ovens on the top in order to avoid buckling and blueing.
• Not to leave rusty metal objects on the surface for a long time.
• Not to leave open packets or bottles of detergents or other chemical substances near the product.
• To use periodically or in case of need Easy Clean by Barazza, the professional creamy cleaner that polishes and protects stainless steel.

How to clean AISI 304 stainless steel


EASY CLEAN is a creamy cleaner developed exclusively for cleaning sinks, hobs, cooker hoods, ovens and stainless steel surfaces in general. Ecological and made in Italy, it’s formulated with top-quality ingredients, it is rich in polishing pigments and conditioning substances. It treats stainless steel gently, effortlessly removing limescale and grease stains. Used periodically or as necessary, it restores lustre to the surface and forms a protective shield that delays tarnished appearance or dirt deposits.

Easy Clean Cleaning Cream



Multi Clean professional multipurpose detergent, perfumed detergent indicated for daily cleaning that removes dirt quickly on all washable surfaces. Of ecological formula, it can be used pure or diluted in water as needed.

Multi Clean Professional Multipurpose Detergent 



Barazza professional EASY CLEAN microfibre cloth is degreaser and absorbent and cleans and sanitizes all surfaces in just a single wipe, without the use of detergents. The innovative product, tested antibacterial, is characterized by an extraordinary softness and durability that make it indispensable for every-day cleaning.

Easy Clean Microfibre Cloth



The new Professional Cleaning Kit proposed by Barazza, practical and innovative, contains: Easy Clean professional stainless steel cleaning cream 150 ml, Multi Clean professional multipurpose detergent 200 ml and the Easy Clean professional antibacterial microfibre cloth, to guarantee careful and effective cleaning for the entire kitchen environment.

Professional Cleaning Box  


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