A complete built-in worktop, easy to personalize and install

Mood Fusion, Lab Fusion and B_Free Fusion systems enable maximum personalization of the worktop, choosing among various types of hobs and bowls, achieving a unique, stainless steel, built-in worktop which integrates all functions, designed to be immediately and accurately installed over any top type.

The custom kitchen worktop provides more functionality and practicality to the users and makes it easier cleaning. The particular shape of the worktop, also makes possible the integration of accessories to optimize the use of spaces, such as chopping boards and grids.

By combining the cooking and washing elements with custom finishes and dimensions, new and most exclusive solutions are obtained. A huge variety of options is offered online and in real time using the new LAB FUSION and B_FREE FUSION CONFIGURATORS, choosing among the various types of available hobs and bowls.

B_Free Fusion Vintage

Fusion Hood

A hood at the heart of everything. The powerful yet silent motor ensures the kitchen is a pleasant place to spend time in. The Fusion hood is available in an island. The size can be customised together with the shelf, which can extend up to 240 cm. The shelf is made from stainless steel and comes in a satin or vintage finish.

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