Mood Flexi

Mood Flexi, beauty brings un freedom

Mood Flexi is pure practicality, which becomes a stylistic choice, a new concept for expressing freedom through your own vision of space. The stainless steel worktop is like a sheet of blank paper on which the Mood Flexi burners can be positioned. Three configurations just as you want them, in highly personalised combinations. Flame and also water: new spaces accommodate daily gestures with the possibility of benefitting from a deeper sink area.

Mood Flexi


Practicality also means the freedom to arrange the elements to suit your needs. The 3 modules (1 gas, 3 in-line gas, 4 gas) can be used individually or in whatever combination you want in layouts that offer countless possibilities.

Mood Flexi

Flat Eco-design Plus burners

The special Flat Eco-Design Plus burners feature larger dimensions and generate a vertical flame offering more efficiency, less heat loss, uniform cooking plus considerable reduction in consumption. Different size gas rings allow customised performance in terms of cooking, speed of execution and use of the space. Technical perfection meets an excellent design combined with practicality: the Soft-Touch cast iron pan supports are not only pleasant to the touch, but also more resistant and offer the great advantage of being dishwasher safe.
Every Mood Flexi layout becomes the perfect embodiment of your wishes, an exclusive choice made even more unique by the Mood Flexi knob with its absolutely elegant, ergonomic and essential design.

Mood Flexi

Some examples of configuration


The various options of burner layout are completed by the possibility of either matching them with any of the Barazza sinks and bowls or combining them with the new, practical and ergonomic Flexi sinks in the generous sizes of 86 and 105 cm with an exceptional depth of 56 cm. Also available in black equipment with black mixer tap included, each sink comes with basket strainer waste and perimeter overflow and offers new functions through a vast range of accessories, such as the black HPL chopping board and the colander with draining rack, which allow more than one function to be offered in a single working space.
An essential design for the innovative Smart pop-up plug fitted in the sinks, which only needs a simple touch to open and close the sink drain.

Mood Flexi
Mood Flexi

Practicality is Smart

Smart is the pop-up plug for opening and closing the drain and you only need to press on it lightly to make it work. Smart features an essential minimalist design, which enhances both the aesthetics of the sink and its everyday practicality.

Mood Flexi


Mood Flexi may be installed on stainless steel worktops of different thickness, which give the kitchen a highly customised striking and functional look.

Some examples of thickness

Mood Flexi 4mm


Mood Flexi 8mm


Mood Flexi 20mm


Mood Flexi 40mm