34×40 cm square bowl with radius “12”

built-in, flush and undermounted


AISI 304 extra thick stainless steel
Capacious bowls
Square basket strainer waste
Perimeter overflow
Radius "12"


  • AISI 304 extra thick stainless steel
  • 34x40x21.5 h cm bowl
  • equipment: 3.5″ square basket strainer waste plus and perimeter overflow
  • base unit for bowl:

– built-in and flush: 45

– undermounted: 50

  • 37.5×43.7 cm cut-out
  • flush and undermounted: see technical sheet

Product codes:

  • STAINLESS STEEL built-in and flushcod: 1QR3440IQ
  • STAINLESS STEEL undermountedcod: 1QR3440SQ

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