60 cm Velvet Touch Screen Exclusive multiprogram oven drop-down door with handle – matt titanium

Oven finishes

Barazza offer different types of finishes that enrich and add value to each household appliance.

Oven finishes
Oven finishes


The oven door is made of white glass, in order to produce a pleasant minimalist visual effect.

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The door is available in a "mirror" finish, in order to enrich and add a hint of glamour to the kitchen.

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The oven door is made of black glass, a colour that primarily emits refined elegance and simplicity.

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Stainless Steel

This is the finish par excellence in terms of electrical household appliances, selected for its hi-tech features.

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Anti-fingerprint stainless steel

The stainless steel surfaces are treated witha special anti-fingerprint finish that preservestheir elegance and makes routine cleaningreally easy.

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Vintage Stainless Steel

The Vintage finish, in line with industrial trends, bringing the material to life by manually working the surface to make each piece one-of-a-kind.

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