How to clean B_Granite

Practical tips for cleaning B_Granite

B_GRANITE is a composite material obtained by combining granite and acrylic resins; by combining the characteristics of natural stone with the protection offered by polymers, it is able to guarantee excellent resistance to both high temperatures and impact, while preserving the original appearance of the stone.

For optimum maintenance, Barazza recommends:

  • After use, rinse well with water and dry with a clean cloth or buckskin.
  • Only for persistent stains on light-coloured products: use a solution of bleach and lukewarm water and leave for a few hours, then rinse thoroughly and dry.
  • Only for persistent stains on dark-coloured products: use a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid, then rinse thoroughly and dry.
  • To remove limescale stains we recommend the use of a descaling agent diluted with lukewarm water or warm white vinegar.
  • Barazza’s Multi Clean detergent and Easy Clean antibacterial microfibre cloth with a degreasing and absorbent effect can be used daily.




Barazza’s Multi Clean professional cleaner, which is scented and suitable for daily cleaning, quickly removes dirt from all washable hard surfaces. This environmentally friendly formula can be used pure or diluted in water as required.

Professional multi-purpose cleaner multi clean



Barazza’s Easy Clean professional microfibre cloth, thanks to its degreasing and absorbent action, cleans and sanitises all surfaces in a single wipe without the need to use detergents. This innovative and antibacterial tested product is characterised by its exceptional softness and long-lasting effectiveness, making it an indispensable aid for everyday cleaning.

Professional microfibre cloth easy clean


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